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Make your location a one-stop-shop by providing your clients with diversified products meeting their financial needs with the introduction of 5 Months Free Credit Repair by Forever Good Credit. Ask Me How! DOWNLOAD MARKETING CONTENT!

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What We Do

Here are some of the benefits that your business and customers will receive from Forever Good Credit.


  • Increase Client Growth
  • Increase Client Satisfaction & Retention
  • Increase Revenue From Every Customer
  • Increase The Value of Your Business


Tax Offices that sign-up will
receive a rebate of $50.00
per customer.
Additional revenue and built in
volume incentives for your business.


  • 5 Months FREE Credit Repair
  • Results within the first 30-45 Days
  • Mobile App Access
  • Quality Customer Service

How The Process Works

Once you add the form for your client, they will receive the five month free credit repair service at no additional charge.

  • Step 1: Go to "Add Forms"
  • Step 2: Click on the search field
  • Step 3: Type "Credit" in the search field
  • Step 4: Click on "Forever Good Credit"
  • Step 5: Disclosure** is added
  • Step 6: Get Paid

Tax Office Benefits

Bank Products

  • More Revenue Per Client
  • Alternate Revenue Source
  • Seamless To Add


  • Unique Software Product
  • Unique Software Users Experience
  • Unique from Competitors


  • No Cost to Tax Office
  • Low Cost to Clients
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Added Benefit to Taxpayers
  • Will Attract new Taxpayers
  • Another Service to Offer Taxpayers

Customer Satisfaction

  • Excellent Customer Service for Both
    Tax Payers and Tax Offices
  • Results for Most Taxpayers with Challenging Credit Issues


  • Unlimited help for Independent Tax Offices from Software and Forever Good Credit

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Mobile App Integration

Forever Good Credit

5 months Free credit repair! Removal of collection items, late payments, charge offs, repossessions, tax liens and much more.

Document Request

Taxpayer can submit any forms requested by the credit specialist.

Signature Doc

This feature will allow credit repair clients to send documents to be signed on the mobile app or website.

Open a Ticket

We will give customer the option to open up tickets in the mobile app.


Unlimited help for Independent Tax Offices from Software and Forever Good Credit.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q. When will I get paid?
A. Paid with ancillary products pay out. Please refer to Software.

Forever Good Credit

Document security

Safe and Easy Access to Credit Repair Documents

Store and access electronic copies of :

  • Access your credit bureau reports
  • All documents with e-signatures
  • All scanned documents (ID, SSN, Cards, etc.)
  • Electronic copies of mailed dispute letters from your PC

Partner Solutions

  • Meaningful, valuable services that you can offer your customers.
  • Position yourself as a solution provider to your clients and help increase long term retention.
  • Generate more revenue from your existing clients by providing solutions to their client's issues.
  • We integrate these solutions where possible in order to minimize the impact to the tax office operation.


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